Welcome to Kelly & Buddy's Day Camp and Dog Park


 Now Open! Kelly & Buddy's Day Camp and Dog Park is Huntsville's first privately owned off-leash dog park.

Located on 2 green acres, Kelly & Buddy's is a relaxing park to spend time with your dog. 

Kelly & Buddy's Day Camp is a social/group play experience that is perfect for dogs who love to run and have the freedom to explore the entire park.

Two miles from downtown and one mile from Redstone Arsenal Gate 8, Kelly & Buddy's Dog Park and Day Camp is located at 3005 Hood RD in west Huntsville just off Drake Ave. Call 256.508.5531 for more information and reservations, or visit our website,  kellyandbuddysdogpark.com.

Open 7 to 7 all year, Day Camp is $20 per dog per day. Park entrance fee is $1 per person.

  • Friendly, vaccinated dogs welcome
  • Located in Southwest Huntsville near Downtown and Gate 8
  • 2 acres of grass, trees, and agility fun
  • $1 to play with your dog in the park
  • $20 for us to babysit your dog for the day
  • Free soft drink or water
  • Complimentary scooping (Yes, we scoop for you)
  • Privately owned by experienced dog people
  • Restroom, free WiFi, and electricity